The porcelain figures of our jewellery are manufactured following the traditional processes with the help of porcelain artisans in Madrid and Porto.

We develop plaster casts (molds), then porcelain pieces are fired at the kiln (depending on the piece, it could need to be fired till three times!) and after that, if needed, are painted by hand. This is only a short resume of the complicated and sometimes mysterious porcelain processes!

We also work with existing porcelain pieces that we rework: breaking them, polishing them or painting over the original piece. This existing pieces may have sings of aging. 

You may find little differences between pieces of the same style (regarding the size of the porcelain piece, the color..), that is the guaranty of a handcraft work.

Porcelain pieces are assembled with spanish leather, metals and other materials of high quality standards. Our jewellery pieces are meticulously handcrafted by our team in Madrid.


Please contact us within 48 h. since you have received your piece if it is a faulty one or it has been damaged in the shipping. We will be happy to replace the faulty piece and recycle the porcelain figures.


In the undesirable event that any of the porcelain pieces of your jewel is broken for reasons beyond our control, please contact us in order to send the piece to our porcelain hospital, we will try to recompose it or replace the damage figure.

We will send you a hospital budget including shipping expenses and the cost of the replacement figure for your approval.

Contact [email protected] for any inquiry.